10 Best Affiliate Programs In India You Must Join

In today’s era affiliate marketing becomes the most important thing and that helps you to generate a good amount of money.

If you are a blogger and you have your own website and in that, you can give your affiliate links. If you have a good audience you can generate money with your blog. The link you provide will help the users to find the right product easily and from that link, you generate money.

Today I will tell you about the best affiliate programs in India. Yes, India because the competition in India is low and most people are not aware of affiliate marketing. So, it is a good opportunity for you to know more and more about the best affiliate programs in India.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

In simple words, affiliate marketing is a technique by which you can earn a commission by promoting the other company’s products. You promote the products and from that, you earn revenue from each sale you will make.

You can know more about Affiliate Marketing in detail on WIKIPEDIA.

If you want to make money you have to build your audience. So, how you can build your audience? As I above mention if you are a blogger you can promote the link through your blog.

You can also promote the link and build an audience from Youtube. Do not provide the links which are against google policies.

10 Best Affiliate Programs In India You Must Join

1. Amazon Associates

If you are talking about the best affiliate programs in India then how can we forget Amazon?Amazon is the largest affiliate program in the world. Amazon provides you the billions of products that you refer to your customer.

If you are a blogger and you have a good audience. So, you can give your affiliate link to the blog. If the user found that this product is interesting, so he/she may buy from your given link.

The best thing about amazon affiliate is that it will give you a commission on other products that the users buy after clicking on your affiliate link.

So, sign up for free recommend the products with your audience and earn a commission. Amazon gives you 10% commission for each sale. As per the product range.

Sing up for Amazon Affiliate for free

2. BigRock

The big rock is the best affiliate program in India by which you can earn high commission rates. For that, you just have to promote different products of the big rock.

If you are a blogger you have a blogging niche then you write a blog post related to the hosting and in that blog, you must promote this big rock hosting.

The users click on your link and if they are interested they may buy the hosting from your affiliate link. If you make 21 sales in a month you will earn up to 31,500INR with a big rock.

Sign Up with Big Rock Affiliate

3. HostGator

Hostgator is a popular india hosting service.It will provide you hosting in very low price.They have their affiliate program which you can join. All you can do is that make a affiliate account on hostgator.

After making account on hostgator.Now you have to promote the your afiliate link to people.How you can promote?

You can promote it through your blogs,social networking sites etc.Make sure you have enough amount of audience on your blog or social media.

Hostgator gives you commision according to how much sales you genertae. You will get 1,250INR per sale.

Sign up with Hostgator Affiliate

4. CJ Affiliate

CJ affiliate (Commission Junction) is one of the best ways to earn online in India.This is the oldest affiliate and have at least 3000 merchants.

You just have to sign up and complete all details that mentioned in the form and after that you will get approval and you can start you CJ affiliate.

It will gives you commission and you can add it yo your bank through an online transaction.

Sign up for CJ Affiliate

5. Cuelinks

Cuelinks is an affiliating platfrom in which you can do various affiliates like Amazon,flipkart and all other shopping apps in cuelinks.You can also do affiliate marketings of hostings.

They provide 1000+ affiliate programs and campaigns.You have to signup and fill up the details.Within 24 hours you get approval and you are ready to share affiliate link to your audeince and earn money.

You can share affiliate links through your Blogs, Youtube channel etc.

Sign up for Cuelinks Affiliate

6. Vcommission

Vcommission is the largest and oldest growing affiliate program in India.You can get all products information under vCommission.

You can use Vcommission on your phone as well as on your mobile.

The leading partners of Vcommission is Amazon, eBay, Domino’s, Airtel etc.You will get a lot of CPA, CPC offers in Vcommission.

Sign up for Vcommission Affiliate

7. ShareASale Affiliate Network

It is the largest network out there from last 20 years.They have 3,900 companies in the networks.

Most of the people used this affiliate program.You just have to sign up after the approval of SaleASale affiliate you can share the link in your blogs or other social handles.

They have affiliate programs in the 40+ Categories such as:

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Hosting
  • Health

In this you can apply different affiliate companies. And earn through promoting the link.

Sign up for ShareASale Affiliate Network

8. Optimise

It is also India affiliate program.Optimise is a reowned network that came with the old name OMG network.

They have competitive commission rates.It will gives you quickly payouts.In optimise you easily promote CPS and CPA.

It is basically for marketing technology,client service.They have tied up with some biggest brands like:


Sign up for Optimise affiliate

9. IcubeWire

IcubeWire is a digital marketing agency and you get solution of anything under one platform . They had working since 2010 and have 150+ employes,7 offices and 250 clients.

It is a India’s affiliate program which run campaign with the brands.Which includes categories such as Shopping, Gaming, Travel,E-commerce, Entertainment etc.

Icubewire payout you in 30-40 days and give you interesting coupons.

Sign up for IcubeWire program

10. Make My Trip

Make my trip is a online travel company in india.They also have their own affiliate program in which you can join and earn money.

If you are a blogger and have a website on travel & trousim then this affiliate is for you.You easily promote your affiliate link through your website and generate sales.

You can promote National and Intenational flight tickets.

Sing up to know more MakeMyTrip

Final Thoughts – Best Affiliate Programs In India

So, these are some best affiliate programs in India. Join this affiliate program and earn money. This is the best way to earn passive income by promoting.

Make sure you have a good audience on your website it will benefit you and you also generate more revenue from that.

If you are a beginner and not get enough traffic then you must drive your traffic from social networking sites like Quora, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Use this paying programs and you easily monetize your blog by promote it to yours loyal audience.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 10 best affiliate program in India you must join. If you enjoy this post share this with your friends.

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