5 Disadvantages of Blogging

Disadvantages of Blogging

5 cons of Blogging you must know

Here are 5 Disadvantages of Blogging according to me as far as I have seen in last few years It’s just my experience and if you are a blogger then you must have faced at least one of these problems. One should be aware of the disadvantages of blogging. Read below disadvantages of blogging.

Blogging takes a lot of time

If you are starting blogging you should know that it takes a lot of time and hard work. It takes a lot time to you blogs to rank on Google. You have to do SEO and write good content. Personally I left blogging after not getting results for two months. Then I started again after one year with full working mind-set. See the deal is that at the starting of blogging you won’t be able to see greater results and that is the reason most people quit at the start. Always Remember the Starting is always the Hardest part. This is the main point in the disadvantages of blogging.

No Guarantees of Success

Like any other business there is no guarantee of success in Blogging too. Even if you are fully planned and have good research of your blog you might fail or you might not make that much money out of it as you thought. Mostly people fail because they go for the High competitive niche at the starting of their career.

You don’t have a Boss

Yes you got it right not having a Boss is a good thing but it has one negative side too and that is you have to keep yourself motivated in any condition. You don’t work hard for it as you work from home. A regular employee have to do the job he is assigned but in this case you don’t have any target or a particular job assigned on a daily basis. That’s why having a boss or mentor is important there will be times where you’ll be low and demotivated so you have to push yourself to do better and that’s the way it is.

No Limit of Earning

People see No Limit as they are going to be a millionaire but its not what it seems like. You can also go broke and don’t earn a single penny even by investing a lot. Most of the bloggers earn through affiliate marketing so if you’re a beginner then you have to learn affiliate marketing too for more income.

Makes you Isolated

Blogging will make you isolated from the society as Blogging is a work done from home and you have to give it a lot of time and effort so you won’t be able to spend time with parents of family or friends which will eventually make you lonely. You should know how to balance your personal life and professional life.


Every work in the world has Disadvantages. The Disadvantages I have mentioned above is not to demotivate you, The reason I wrote this blog about Disadvantages of blogging was to make you aware about the Cons of the industry of blogging. You should work hard to get successful just before entering the Blogging industry you should about these Points.

NOTE – These you should always be aware of the Disadvantages and should Ignore them at the same time. Unlike other industries blogging has a very disadvantages.

Focus on SEO and use tools like Ahrefs and Semrush and write good SEO friendly articles. Use Search console and Google Analytics. Use Good Plugins whether Free or paid. You can check this article for more How to create a WordPress Website.


What are the disadvantages of blogging in Hindi language?

There are a lot disadvantages but the main disadvantages of blogging in Hindi is that Google AdSense won’t give you much CPC as compared to an English Blog and Hindi Blogs don’t have much audience as compared to English blogs. Still You can write blogs in Hindi because the boom in traffic of Hindi Blogs is increasing day by day as Indians are getting familiar with technology.

What are the disadvantages of blogging in business?

The disadvantages of Blogging in Business is that it takes a lot of time to start generating Income for the owner. Normally blogging takes 6-7 months to get good number of visitors.

What are the Disadvantages of blogging with html, PHP or other coding languages?

You cannot customize it easily like you can do in WordPress that will be the disadvantages of blogging with html or other coding languages.

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