18 Best Blogging Apps For Bloggers in 2020 (Android & iPhone)

What are the best blogging apps for bloggers? Blogging is growing day by day. A number of new bloggers are coming. As a blogger, we used to get updated with the website data. We don’t have a laptop or computer with us all the time. So, you can have your phone with you. On the phone, You can do work and check your latest data by tracking it.

As you all know every person has mobile phones and they prefer using phones as compared to the computer. So, In this blog, I will share with you some best blogging apps for bloggers in 2020 which help you to make your blogging journey easy and fun using your smartphones.

The people know that the future of blogging in India is increasing. Those who are bloggers are just focused on the quality content and make money from the blog. Here are the best blogging apps for bloggers.

So,let’s get started:

18 Best Blogging Apps For Bloggers in 2020

1. Google Analytics

You must install this app on your phone. It is the most important tool by google helps you to track your traffic on regular basics. You can track your data using this app while sitting anywhere in the world.

This apps helps you to check:

  • Check real-time data.
  • Helps you to find where your audience is coming from.
  • Helps to check your ranking in search engines.
  • Helps in comparing date ranges and apply segments.
  • Analyze your competitor.
  • Traffic coming from social networks.

Download for Android & iPhone

2. WordPress

WordPress is a very important app you must install on your phone. The way you use this app on laptops or PC, In the same way, you can use it on your smartphones.

Sometimes, you do not have a laptop or PC with you, and you want to write a blog. So, you can write it on your mobile phone.

In this app you can create a post, if you have any idea you can draft the post, You can check comments on your blog posts, review your site, also make categories, add photos, and add tags.

It works very accurately both on PC and Mobile phones. If you don’t have a PC or Laptop then you can write post direct from your smartphone also. It is a trusted and most reliable app and most of the professional bloggers use this.

Download for Android & iPhone

3. Canva

Canva is an important tool for bloggers. It helps you to create presentations, documents, design graphics. If you are a blogger you want to create an image for your blog. The image you use can use in your blog can easily convey the things to your users.

There are professional templates for you in which you can add image edit design on your own. It is easy to use and the main thing is that it is free of cost.

This tool should be in your phone because you can easily make any design or images for your blog or business for free of cost.

Download for Android & iPhone

4. Grammarly

If I am talking about the best blogging apps how can I forget this one? It is the online grammar checker tool that helps you to correct your punctuation, grammar errors, and spellings.

You should use this tool on your phone. By using this tool you can fix your mistakes on your blog posts, social media posts, email writing, etc.

It also enhances your writing style and automatically detects the grammatical errors and replace the wrong word with the right word.

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IFTT (If This Then That). It is the virtual assistant who helps you to automate your business process from your phone. It works with your personal devices and also be used for business purposes.

The best way to do this is by using it with your blogging, social media, and several other features you can use it. If you are a blogger it is a very productive app you must have on your phone.

If you have to connect to the new apps on IFTTT, You have to set conditions by using IFTTT applets. It operates the task that you are given.IFTTT can automate web tasks, and posting your same content on other social networking platforms.

It makes your blogging journey easier. It includes apps such as Twitter, Google Drive, Telegram, Dropbox, Gmail, Spotify, Instagram, etc.

Download for Android & iPhone

6. Pocket

Pocket is one of the most productive apps. It helps you to save anything that you want to save and want to read later on. It allows you to save new stories such as articles, videos, news, from any categories, any device, apps, or anything you like to save.

The Pocket’s clean layout, effective designs, and many other brilliant features give you a very good reading experience. If you are a habit of reading before sleep then its dark mode theme which doesn’t affect the pattern of your sleep.

If this app is on your phone you can check or read the articles offline and it increases your quality of reading.

Download Android & iPhone

7. Gmail

As you all know Gmail is an easy-to-use and sent email that will save your time and keep your time and keeps your messages safe.

It is fast and time-consuming you can send an email to others just to sitting from anywhere in the world. For that, you can set up your Gmail account and you can set up from your phone only.

If you are in blogging or business you must have your professional email address. That reflects your brand name. Because lots of professional peoples contact each other through emails.

It is the safest and professional way to do it. You can manage your email from your smartphone only. It keeps your account secure.

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8. Google Adsense

If we say the best blogging apps for bloggers then, the most important apps are google Adsense. If your AdSense is approved and you are using Google AdSense on PC or laptop. But PC and laptop are not always with you.

So, you have to install this app to see all your Adsense statistics. You also can check your latest earning and all data such as impression, page view, how many clicks daily just from your smartphone.

It is an easy way to check the regular revenue through our phone.

Download for Android & iPhone

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9. Paypal

This app should be in your phone.Paypal is an easy and secure way to sent and receives money online. A lot of bloggers used PayPal for receiving international payment from Google Adsense.

Not just for bloggers but also for those you sent or receive their online payments internationally.

You have to fill up your details such as Phone number, bank details, email address, all details that should be asked by you. You can easily access this from your phone.

Download for Android & iPhone

10. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most productive apps which drives traffic to your blog. From Pinterest, you drive traffic very fast as compare to other social networking apps.

The Pinterest app should be on your phone which helps you to find new ideas. You can find ideas related to your interest or niche. You can find any topic on Pinterest such as Fitness and traveling, fashion, food recipes, architecture, etc.

You just have to make an account on Pinterest and you can easily make it on your phone. It helps you to track data, save the latest pins, etc.

You can easily access Pinterest on your mobile phone. If you use this app once you became very addictive.

Download for Android & iPhone

11. Google Keep

Google keep is a productive app you must install on your phone. It allows you to add notes, photos, lists, and audio. Through the help of this, you also can organize labels and colors to your notes easily.

You also set a reminder in this to make sure you do not miss any of the things. You can easily work on this from your phone and tablet. It will sync across all your devices so that your thoughts are always with you.

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12. Last Pass

As a blogger, it is impossible to remember all passwords. Bloggers have to create accounts on affiliates and other websites. So, this app will help you to do that. 

LastPass is an app that safely stores your passwords and personal details.So, when you visit apps and sites. It helps you to autofill your login details.

If you are the habit of forgetting password make sure you should install this app.It will remember your passwords and keep you safe online.

Download for Android & iPhone

13. Google Tasks

If we are talking about the best blogging apps for bloggers then this app is worth it. As a blogger, you have to manage your websites and manage many tasks but is difficult to remember all tasks at a time.

It will help you to create the task list which is the most important to-do. If you are searching for a task manager then this is the best task manager app to-do list.

It will sync across all your devices. And help you to manage, edit your tasks from anywhere, at any time.

Download for Android & iPhone

14. Push bullet

This app is very useful, You can easily share files between your devices. As it helps you to sent and receive files from your computer to the phone.

Push bullet is an awesome app you must have on your phone. With the help of this app, you can see your phone notification on your desktop.

You also sent and check messages to other apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc, On your desktop. It protects your messages with end-to-end encryption.

Download for Android & Windows

15. Yandex

There are so many browsers in the market but, But the Yandex browser is the best we can use.

They have similar features that we see in chrome and you can download the extensions in this browser and work from your phone instead of PC or laptop.

Most of the users use this Yandex browser because it has some security features liked the DNS spoofing and auto HTTPS support on the insecure networks and your data is safe.

Download for Android & iPhone

16. Anchor

This apps is very useful. You can create your podcast, upload it online to the listening platforms, and share your knowledge and grow your loyal audience.

You even make money from your episodes. You can do all this just by your phone.

It is 100% free for you. You can podcast your episodes on anchor just for free. You can distribute your podcast to platforms like Google podcast, Spotify, apple podcast, etc.

You easily record your voice and podcast it.

Download for Android & iPhone

17. Quora

This app is one of the most productive apps to share and gain knowledge. In this, if you have any questions regarding any of the topics you write and you get your answers from different people across the world.

If you are a blogger, you can drive the traffic from quora to your blog, and it will benefit your website to grow.

You also can follow the topics which you are interested in. It is the best way to share and gain your knowledge.

Download for Android & iPhone

18. Linkedin

You can use Linkedin to connect new people and build your network. You can easily search for the job as per your profession in any company. You can simply apply just by profile and resume.

Through Linkedin, you drive massive traffic to your websites. You just set up your profile and share your content related to your niche.

To target the audience you must join groups related to your business. Try to answer the question which is asked by the people it is also a good way to drive traffic to your blog.

Contact people, search for jobs, build networks, drive traffic, You can do all these just from your phone anywhere or anytime.

Download for Android & iPhone


So, these are the best blogging apps that all bloggers must use to make their blogging journey easy. The above mention apps will help you and increase your productivity.

You easily manage your time and learn something unique from these apps. These apps not only help bloggers but also help you in social media, online journey, business, etc.

I hope you like this article 18 Best Blogging Apps For Bloggers in 2020 (Android & iPhone). If you found it helpful share this with your friends and help them to increase their productivity daily.


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