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Elevate Your Commercial Space with Shenling’s Cutting-Edge Commercial Heat Pumps

Specializing in commercial heat pumps, Shenling is dedicated to providing customers with innovative solutions for space heating, energy storage, and energy management through renewable energy sources. With a strong focus on cutting-edge technology and exceptional craftsmanship, Shenling’s comprehensive range of air source heat pumps is revolutionizing the way commercial spaces approach heating and energy efficiency.

Leading the Green Revolution

Shenling’s dedication to sustainable energy solutions is evident in its diverse product offerings. From cold climate air source heat pumps to split air heat pumps and comprehensive commercial heat pumps,this emphasis on quality and innovation solidifies Shenling’s position as a leading heat pump manufacturer and supplier in China.

Unveiling polestar E Series Commercial Heat Pumps

One of Shenling’s flagship products is the polestar E Series commercial heat pumps. Designed to meet the unique demands of commercial buildings, these air source heat pumps redefine energy efficiency and performance. With the capability to operate efficiently even in temperatures as low as -26°C and deliver outgoing water temperatures of up to 55°C, these heat pumps are engineered to excel in various environments.

The Shenling Advantage

With over two decades of specialized HVAC experience, Shenling has evolved into a comprehensive HVAC solutions provider. Beyond manufacturing, Shenling offers end-to-end HVAC services, including consulting, system design, equipment development, integration and implementation, commissioning and acceptance, intelligent control, and IoT operation and maintenance.


By offering state-of-the-art products like the polestar E Series commercial heat pumps, Shenling empowers commercial spaces to embrace energy-efficient heating solutions. Choose Shenling to elevate your commercial space’s environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, ushering in a new era of sustainable HVAC solutions.

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