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Experience Frozen Broccoli from Jooever Foods

When it comes to frozen broccoli, Jooever Foods has established itself as a reliable high-quailty frozen broccoli supplier. With a commitment to sourcing the frozen broccoli florets and utilizing advanced IQF technology, Jooever Foods ensures that their frozen broccoli retains its flavor, texture, and nutritional value.

Superior Grade Substances and Place of Origin

Jooever Foods uses 100% broccoli florets in their IQF frozen broccoli, sourced from reputable suppliers in China. The bulk frozen broccoli varieties offered by Jooever Foods include Youxiu, Shenglv, and Lvxiong, known for their exceptional taste and quality. By selecting the finest broccoli florets, Jooever Foods guarantees a product that meets the highest standards of freshness and flavor.

Versatile Specifications and Packaging Options

Jooever Foods understands the varied needs of their customers and offers a range of specifications for their frozen broccoli florets. The diameter options available include 20-40mm, 30-50mm, and 40-60mm, allowing distributors and consumers to select the size that best suits their culinary requirements. Additionally, Jooever Foods provides flexible packaging options to cater to different preferences. Bulk packages are available in 20lb, 40lb, 10kg, and 20kg cartons or totes, while retail packages come in 1lb, 2lb, 500g, 1kg, and 2.5kg bags, ensuring convenience and suitability for various applications.

Crop Season and Availability

Jooever Foods ensures a consistent supply of high-quality bulk frozen broccoli throughout the year. The crop season for their broccoli runs from January to February, June to July, and October to December. By carefully managing the production and harvesting schedules, Jooever Foods guarantees a steady availability of their frozen broccoli florets to meet the demands of distributors and consumers.


Jooever Foods stands out as a frozen broccoli supplier, known for their exceptional quality and taste. With their commitment to sourcing premium ingredients, advanced freezing techniques, and versatile packaging options, Jooever Foods ensures that their frozen broccoli retains its freshness and nutritional value. From the reliable origin of their broccoli to the diverse specifications and packaging choices available, Jooever Foods caters to the unique needs of distributors and consumers.

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