Hostinger Review India 2020

My reviews on Hostinger !

I am using Hostinger from about 6 months and today I am going to give my Honest reviews on Hostinger. So Scroll down and don’t miss anything.

Advantages of Hostinger

Hostinger Review India 2020

Easy to Setup

When I bought the Hosting I never got any issues because I was easy to set-up. They provide apps installer in the C-panel so that you can install apps like WordPress directly. You can directly add plugins through there also.

Fast Speed

As far as I am concern this hosting provides equal page loading speed as the big companies out there. On my website I have never faced Page loading issues.

24/7 Support

Customer service is available 24/7/365. You can reach out to them Via-Call or Mail. When I got issue over my Cloudflare they helped me out instantly although it took 5-6 hours for the changes to work.

This is my C-panel check there is an option of Auto Installer from there you can add apps like WordPress

This my website’s C-panel


As a beginner this is the best hosting for your career because it won’t cost you a lot and If you buy a Premium Shared hosting you’ll get a FREE Domain for one year also. I have also used other hosting provider in the past few years and they were very costly. The reason everyone chooses the costly service is that they think the costly hosting is going to provide them a good service.

The thing they don’t understand is that are not going to get a lot followers at the starting of the career. You won’t get 2k followers per day at the start so you don’t need a big hosting plan. Just start with a low budget then take it to a bigger scale. After 6-8 months if you start getting around 2k per day then you can switch to a bigger hosting provider as you will be making a lot of money with that so invest in buying a big hosting plan.

It is the bitter truth that you cannot make your first site a big success. You’ll have to learn a lot in order to make your blogging career a success. So try out Hostinger as it will provide you the best service, great up-time, faster page loading speed and 24/7 Support etc. As of in this cost you cannot find any better alternative for Hostinger. Even the successful bloggers use this hosting for their new blogs or websites and after the blog starts getting a lot of traffic they shift to some other bigger hosting.

I should give you proof that How my website is working on Hostinger So let’s start with Google Page Speed Insights



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Hostinger Review India 2020

This is Hostinger Review India 2020. Hostinger is providing a great service at a low cost. If you are a Beginner and going to start a new Website this is the best hosting that will help you to grow further. There are a lot of cheap price Hosting Providers but they will not be able to provide this kind of service. You will not get the Fast speed and 24/7 up-time at this price rate.

Hostinger is helping the beginners to grow. Other web-hosting may provide you Hosting at a low price but they will never be able to give this performance and you will not be able to complain because there will not be any customer support. I have the Premium shared hosting and getting a good traffic per month but still there is no effect on page speed my website is working just fine infact I am using some of my small websites on this domain too.

Hostinger was established in 2004 and has more than 29 million users

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Hostinger Review india 2020

Hostinger Review india 2020

Honest Opinions

You can also check reviews on Youtube and other platforms all you will hear is to buy the Hosting it is good it is best. I have shown you my own page loading speed and the C-panel. Hostinger is providing almost the same performance like the others in the game but difference is in money. Even if Hostinger is cheap then also the quality of performance is high. You can see in the previous images about the page speed.


1. Can Hostinger handle 100k monthly traffic ?
Yes it claims to handle it but maybe it’s for the premium shared hosting. What I will say on that is if you have 100k traffic then why would not you upgrade your hosting to cloud hosting. You can always upgrade the hosting plan anytime. If you have 100k visitors you must be making more than 1000$ dollars on monthly traffic then why don’t you invest that money to buy a upgrade plan or cloud hosting for better performance.

2. Do Hostinger provide FREE SSL certificate with hosting?
Yes you will get a FREE SSL certificate with the hosting you buy. When you go and buy a Hosting plan on Hostinger they will provide you a SSL certificate for FREE unlike the other Hosting services on which you have to buy SSL separately.

3. Is Hostinger good in India?
Yes of course it is good for India you can get an Indian server through Hostinger. Plus they provide payment currency method of rupees for the Indian buyers.

4. How good is Hostinger?
As you have seen above I am using Hostinger on my website and The page loading speed has increased after the use of Hostinger.

5. Is Hostinger good for WordPress?
Yes Totally! Hostinger provides apps installation in its C-panel. I am using it and its great you don’t have to install WordPress manually.

6. Which is better GoDaddy or Hostinger?
Hands down to Hostinger! It is the best if you are a beginner. GoDaddy is just a high pricing low performance hosting provider . You can check anywhere on internet you will see bad reviews about that hosting because it is not providing the performance and charging too high. On the other hand Hostinger is providing tremendous performance with so low price.

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