Hostinger vs BigRock review 2020

Hostinger vs BigRock review 2020

Are you confused between these two Hosting Providers?

Then you are at the right place because I am currently using these two Hosting providers on my different Domains. For my site – I am using Premium Shared Hosting of Hostinger and For my other Site – I am using Shared Hosting of BigRock.

I have been using these two Web Hosting Services since 5 months and I have got good results from both of them.

Still I Prefer Hostinger over BigRock, But I will give my Impartial and Honest reviews on both.

The reason why I chose Hostinger over BigRock is that Hostinger provides much more features at almost same prices. Let’s Start with Pros and Cons of both Hosting Providers.

Pros and Cons of Hostinger and BigRock

Comparing the Pros of Hostinger and BigRock

24/7 Technical Support
App Installation in C-panel
99.9% Uptime guarantee
High Speed Performance
24/7 Chat Support
30 day money-back guarantee
Low Price
Free domain
Hostinger vs Bigrock

When I started using BigRock for my lyrics website – I was not having much problems with that but the main problem I faced was the budget of BigRock. As I am from a middle class family of India I was not able to buy hosting again and again from BigRock.

I used BigRock for two years. Then I thought of starting a fresh new site but I was not having the budget of buying hosting from BigRock so I researched a lot about good cheap hosting services and then I found Hostinger.

I knew that in future I will need more sites as I want to do Blogging and Affiliate marketing professionally. So I checked out and got to know that the amount I am paying in Bigrock for hosting for one site with that same amount I can buy a premium hosting from Hostinger which allows me to have up to 100 Websites on single server.

Yes, I was shocked too because it was such a low budget hosting so I thought it was a scam type web hosting providers which claim to be the best but when you buy the hosting and try it out you find that the hosting is very poor, server is always down and it was not worth it etc.

Just like you I also thought about these things and discussed it with my friend about it. We searched on Youtube and we got some good reviews.

One great advice about Hostinger I got was that as for a new website we can use it to host our site and if in future we start getting 1k or 2k visitors per day then we should change to a bigger and expensive hosting service. It was a good advice as if we start getting this much of visitors on a daily basis we’ll be earning a lot from AdSense or affiliate etc. Then why not we invest some money on a good Hosting.

What is the smartness in buying an expensive hosting at the start of the career and gamble our all money. See, there is a 50% chances of the failure of your blog or website. So don’t go and buy an expensive hosting unless you can afford it easily. Start small and make it big.

So I started on Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting plan. Till date I have never faced an serious issue with this hosting as you can see my Website’s page loading speed on Google Page Insights Below.

My Website’s page loading speed on Google Page Insights (

My Website’s page loading speed on Google Page Insights (

See there is not a much difference between BigRock and Hostinger. The Deal is.. that Hostinger is providing much better performance at a cheap price.

Mostly there are Hosting providers which provide you hosting at a low price and when you use it you see that the hosting’s performance is very low. But with Hostinger you get a very high performance at a cheap price.

What is My Opinions on Hostinger vs BigRock?

If you are a beginner its obvious that you’ll be confused to buy a Hosting. What I would like to say is that you should start with a cheap Hosting.

Hostinger and BigRock are both good hosting providers but Hostinger is providing same performance and service at low prices. Plus One more thing you should know that Hostinger is giving free Domain for one year on premium shared Hosting.

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