Hostinger vs GoDaddy

Hostinger vs GoDaddy

Today we are going to compare Hostinger and GoDaddy on the basis of their pros and cons. Remember in this Comparison we are also going to give our personal Opinions on both of the Hosting Providers.

First of all let me tell you about Hostinger

Hostinger is a Web Hosting Company Founded in 2004. Back then its name used to be Hosting Media. Currently Hostinger has over 29 Million users and it operates in more than 170 countries across the globe. There are currently more than 800 employees working for Hostinger Worldwide.

Hostinger is the fast and most reliable Web Hosting provider currently in the low price category. Across the world people has started recognizing that not only high priced web hosting are good but Low price hosting services are also good specially if you are a beginner. In 2020 Hostinger is claimed to be the fastest growing web hosting Company in Europe.

Now, about GoDaddy

GoDaddy was founded in 1997. Back then there was not a hype about blogging and websites. The internet was just growing at that time. There were not a tons of users at that time on Internet. The original name was going to be Big Daddy but the domain name was not available So they took the name GoDaddy. GoDaddy has over 20 Million users worldwide.

Frequently saying, GoDaddy is the king of Domain Market in the world. GoDaddy is mostly known for its cheap domain pricing in India. However Hostinger is currently providing Domains at much cheaper prices than GoDaddy.

Hostinger vs GoDaddy Comparison

This is a Comparison between Hostinger and GoDaddy on the basis of Premium Shared Hosting

24/7 Technical Support
App Installation in C-panel
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
High Speed Performance
24/7 Chat Support
30 day money-back guarantee
Low Price
Free domain
24/7  Ddos Protection
Free SSL Certificate
Free Email accounts
Free Backups
Hostinger vs GoDaddy

My Personal Opinions

I will be honest with you. I have been using Hostinger from months and I can definitely tell you that Hostinger is working much better than GoDaddy. Because I have used these both Hosting Services and back then when I was using GoDaddy I never got that good results that I am getting with Hostinger. It’s not a Promotion of Hostinger but its my personal opinions. Its working much better at a low price.

When Started blogging as a Career I used good hosting providers such as BigRock & GoDaddy because these hosting services were famous in India. At that time I never heard of Hostinger and Honestly I was not looking for cheap hosting providers because you know, there is negative image of Cheap Hosting providers. Every good blogger at that time used to say that You should buy good Hostings like A2, Namecheap etc. but their prices went High and now everybody in the Indian market is recommending Hostinger.

Few months ago when I tried this Hostinger I bought it because I was not having enough money so I tried out Hostinger and I just got lucky cause its working great. Hostinger works same like any other Hosting provider that I have used (BigRock, GoDaddy etc.) for my blogs.

Out of these two Hosting providers I can say that Hostinger is having an upper hand. AS Hostinger provides much better performance at a low price cost. Overall Hostinger is the winner in this comparison. If you talk to any good blogger you will get to know that GoDaddy is not good when it comes to Web Hosting.

You should also check Hostinger vs BigRock Web Hosting comparison. I have written a good Comparison on these two Hosting Providers.

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