How to become a content writer in India

How to become a content writer in India?

What is content writing? What is the primary job of a content writer?

Content writing is basically expressing your thoughts through the medium of text. Content is of 4 types its either Promotional, Inspiring, Informative or entertaining. You can also say that content writing is like solving other people’s problems. I’m not talking about the informative content writing for example – Health & Fitness, Food & Diet, Information and technology etc. These types of niches require a good knowledge and good writing skills.   

The primary job of a content writer is to write a catchy and informative content text. In advertisement field if you can write your content in a creative way you’ll be good to go. Basically the job of a content writer is to provide the written material for any blog or website or any other media platform.

How is content writing as a career in India? is there any scope of content writing in India in future?

Initially in India there has been a massive growth in digital marketing in the last few years and it is expected that the growth will increase tremendously in the next few years. However Content writing plays a major part in digital marketing as with the growth of digital marketing the growth of content writing will also increase.

Content writing is equal to any other career options available now-a-days. In fact during this pandemic many companies has shutdown their work and most of the companies which are working are connected to content marketing and content writing. You can also start as a freelancer as it is the best choice of working from home. as there are a lot of freelancing websites available. However you won’t get any work as the starting of your career you’ll have to keep patience and work consistently. The more you learn the more you earn.

Start with small bids and build your profile on these networks and then jump to higher bids. As any other work earning great money on freelancing will also require time and hard work. You won’t get 1 lakh per month at the starting of your career but if you work hard you can get there in 1 year approx.

Steps to become a content writer in India

  1. Do Internships
    • Try to do more & more internship at the starting of your career (whether unpaid or paid) to create a good resume. Plus if you have done internships in the same field the chances of getting the job will increase.
  2. Build a Portfolio
    • Use freelancing sites to work at the start to build a portfolio for your professional career.
  3. Create a Social Proof
    • Use LinkedIn to create a social proof. Connect with like minded people over there. You can also get job offers over there. It’s necessary for you to be on LinkedIn it looks very professional
  4. Find a Niche
    • Pick a niche that you can write on or if you don’t have any special knowledge of any field just gain knowledge on any of the field and start writing about them start using Quora for more knowledge.

How to get a freelance content writer job in India?

How do I become a content writer in India? What websites pay for content writing?

There are a lot of websites where you can a content writing job as a freelancer.

  1. Freelancer
  2. Upwork
  3. Toptal
  4. PerPerHour
  5. Fiverr
  6. Crowded
  7. Guru

How can I learn content writing?

There is only one way to learn is by giving effort and time to content writing. You can use Skillshare to learn content writing or how to write content. There are a lot of courses available there (Free and Paid). use the experts strategy to learn to write a content

What are the skills required for a creative/content writer?

There is no particular skill in writing a content. It takes time and effort to learn how to write a user friendly article or blog etc.

What are the qualifications necessary for becoming a content writer?

There is no degree or diploma for content writing. However if you want any kind of decent job India it will require graduation degree for sure. I don’t know what is the matter with graduation in India but if you want to be promoted or want to get a chance in any MNC they’ll ask you for your graduation degree. Still you can get jobs in other companies and you can do your graduation by open university like SOL and IGNOU in India.

It’s not necessary but I have seen this problem a lot. Still you’ll manage to get a job at 12th pass certificate to but for higher promotions you’ll have to get graduated for sure at any job in India.

However, If you want to be a freelancer content writer so there is no degree or qualifications required anywhere in the world. A freelancing job doesn’t require and kind of qualifications but still it requires a lot of hard work as to build your profile on the particular platform.

Can a content writer work from home or part-time in India?

Yes absolutely, A content writer can work from home as well as a part-time in India. To work from home you need to go the freelancing sites that I have told earlier in this blog. To work as a part-time in India you have to search for companies which are hiring content writers in India as a Part-time. Just work hard and find the good one.

Please remember don’t just pay to anyone to get a job if it is not a company. There are a lot of brokers out there who will take money from you as an investment to join the company so be aware of that. I have also faced that problem that’s why I am telling you.


I want to be a content writer. How should I start?

Start by writing everyday about your day to day routine. The way to become a content writer is to get started and writing daily it could be about anything. Choose a niche for yourself and learn about that niche and try to write on your own.

How do I become a freelance content writer and start earning ASAP?

You’ll have to work like 10-12 hours a day to start earning asap. Join the freelancing platforms and apply for the lowest budgets. Search people on Facebook who are willing to give money to write blogs. They will pay you less but at the starting of the career it will be great.

How do I be a full time content writer in India?

There are two types of full time workers First the full time freelancers which works from home not as full time to any company but working with many companies as a full time freelancer. Second there are employees who work as a full time worker at a particular company. If you had read this article properly you already know how to be a freelancer in India.

If you want to be a full time worker then you will have to start with small companies who wants to hire a content writer. However they will not assign you the job right there they will eventually ask you for a portfolio before the job and the person with the better portfolio gets the job. In the portfolio you have to show your works and to show the work you have to work as a freelancer or you can write blogs for yourself as to show them how well you can write.

What is the average salary for a content writer in India?

I would say in cities like Delhi the average salary of a content writer is around 12k to 25k INR.

How to become a content writer in India


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