How to earn money by Blogging in India

How to earn money by Blogging in India

India is going to grow digitally in the upcoming years and so is Blogging and other digital marketing fields.

Did you ever thought that in a country like India where we didn’t had a proper net connection until Jio arrived things like Digital marketing or YouTube would actually work? or Would people be earning real money Online in India? But it is true! or is it? Let’s check out

In India when Mukesh Ambani launched Jio sim for free people started experiencing net at a very faster speed with paying almost no money. People started enjoying it and getting used to it but then suddenly Jio launched a net package plan of 399 per month. This price money was still not very high for getting one Gb per day. Almost every Jio user bought it and other companies started competing with Jio and they also started giving almost same data plans with same price budgets.

After we had got proper Internet there were people enjoying it but on the other hand there were some people working to earn money through Digital platforms. People like Bhuvam Bam, Amit Bhadana and other youtubers started their journey. Other Digital marketers Like Digital Pratik, Kulwant Nagi etc. also started getting good growth from India as well.

Now in India Digital Marketing had become a good career to earn money. There are a lot of fields in it like Blogging, Vlogging, YouTube, Digital Consultancy, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce etc. In the upcoming years these Careers will grow definitely as there will be more users in upcoming years.

We are here to tell you about how you can make money through Blogging especially in India. This post is about How to earn Money by Blogging in India. First of all you should know that the career in Blogging is going to grow in every upcoming year. As there will be more users on Google then there will be more queries or searches in Google and there will be the need of Bloggers to solve those queries or to answer those searches. So the career of Blogging will grow with the growth of users.

Let’s start !

How to earn money by Blogging in India

There are four steps in order to earn money through Blogging in India. Let me tell you all of these one by one.

1. Start a Blog

Starting a Blog is the hardest of all of them. You have to choose a Niche or Topic which your Blog will represent. Suppose you are a Football player or you were a Football Player then you can start a Blog on Football related Information or you can sell Affiliate products like Football or T-shirts etc. On the other hand if you are a Doctor you can start a Blog on Health and Fitness related Niche.

It totally depends on you which niche you want to choose. Just choose one and start with it.
Next thing you have to do is Buy a Domain and Web Hosting. As you a beginner you should go with a cheap Domain and Hosting services Like Hostinger etc. I remember I also started with a Cheap Hosting and Domain from Hostinger itself and it’s still working very great.

I used to buy Expensive hosting back then because I never knew about Hostinger but when I used Hostinger for my Website and it’s still working very good till date. You can check out I am using Hostinger on this Site also. Now, Its up to you which ever Hosting you choose I am just recommending you to go through a cheap hosting at the start but be careful not all the cheap hosting work like Hostinger or give this much High Performance. I have also written a detailed blog on How to Build a website with WordPress from Scratch. Check it out it might help you to get started.

2. Drive Traffic to your Blog

Once you have chosen a Hosting and Domain then Start writing blogs. If you want to get organic traffic you should use Long tail keywords for your posts. There will be more chances of you to rank on a Low Competitive Keyword. You should use Long Tail Pro to get good Long tail keywords with low competition.

As your Domain will be a new one so it will be hard for you to rank on a competitive keyword because there will be more High Domain authority blogs that will rank on the first page. To make authority for your blog you have to go for low competitive keywords and rank on them.

3. Monetize your Blog

after getting a certain amount of traffic on your blog the next thing to do it to earn money through that traffic. The best way to monetize your blog is to use Google AdSense on your blog. It is the best advertising service for blogs till now. Plus it’s a part of Google so your website will not ranking restrictions or problems if you use it on your blog.

4. Other ways of generating Income through your Blog

Yes, There are many other ways to generate income through blog but the main way people use after Google AdSense is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is the best alternative to earn money through blogs or any other online platform.

When you sell someone else’s product and they give you commission for that particular sale is known as Affiliate Marketing.

You can promote the products in your post for example if you are writing a post on “how to take care of your hairs” then you can promote hair shampoo or hair oils on your particular post. This is just an example you can write about 1000s of Posts and promote unlimited products.


How much does a blogger earn in India?

A good blogger in India earns more than 2 lacs rupees per month. An average blogger earns more than 20k rupees per month.

How to create a blog and earn money in India?

Monetize your blog with Google AdSense and Promote Affiliate Products.

How to be a blogger in India?

To be a blogger you have to research a lot and find a good niche to write posts on. Eventually you’ll need to work a lot in order to become a blogger in India. Follow people like Harsh Aggarwal and Kulwant Nagi to get more Knowledge.

How to earn money by Blogging in India

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