7 Tips on how to get free unique content to your blog

As a blogger, it takes a lot of research and knowledge to maintain a website. As a blogger, we used to be consistent with the blog posts. And every post that we write must have new content.

As you know content is the king. If you write unique content then you automatically get traffic because your content is unique and audiences are liking your content.

As a blogger, you may face this problem sometime where to get content to your blog. So, don’t worry I give to some tips how to get free unique content to your blog.

So, let’s get started:

7 Tips how to get free unique content to your blog

1. Quora

A lot of people thinking that how to get free unique content to your blog. It’s by Quora, Everyone knows that Quora is a question-answer platform.

If you want to find content before that you must decide your topic. After deciding the topic search it on Quora regarding that topic and read the information.

Write the question in Quora and you will get different knowledge about that question. Then go through all answers and then take an idea from it and make a high-content quality blog.

Don’t copy and paste from there remember you just have to take an idea from it.

2. Youtube Videos

Here is another way from which you can get free content that is Youtube Videos. If you have to write a blog then go to Youtube and search your topic.

Youtube provides all videos related to your topic and go through some videos and write a blog.

Remember if you write a blog from youtube videos then make sure add additional information also with that.

All and all people are coming to your blog to know something unique. So, give value to your users. You also can embed youtube videos on your websites.

Youtube is a source of many ideas you will get information on any topic. And you can get enough content for your website.

how to get free unique content to your blog

3. Read Related Blogs

Why you have to read other blogs?

To be a good writer you must be a good reader. Just read the blogs which are related to your niche.

While reading other blogs remember few things that you should have to take an idea from that post, and while reading keep your mind open to understand what is missing in that post that you should write in your own blog.

Don’t copy the content from other blogs. Because plagiarism content is not liked by google. You can check plagiarism content on smallseotools.

4. Canva

Canva is important for the bloggers because it is the best way for a blogger to create an image for the blog.

You can easily make any design or images for your blog content for free of cost. You get different designs for your blog content on the Canva.

Download Canva for free

5. Use Article Generator tool

If you want to upload a post in lesser time then you also use article generator tool which is available in the market.

From article generator tool you get content for your blog and that content is plagiarism free content. Without any hesitation just upload it on google.

There are many paid tool also for generating content. I suggest you go for Auto Spinner plugin for WordPress. And you can purchase it if you want too.

If you want free tool then go for HubSpot. From here you can get blog ideas for your website.

6. Article City

Article city is a platform in which you can get free content articles. On this, you can get any content no matter what is your niche.

Niche such as sports, blogging, entertainment and all other categories content you found in Article City.

It also drives traffic to your blog and increases your content. You can try this to write content to your blog.

Check more about ArticleCity

7. Pexels

Pexels contains free photos which you can publish in your blog post.In pexels you get free images without copyright. Don’t use copyright images in your blogs.

Pictures are in good quality you can download the image size as per the size mention. You will get all kind of images related to different topics. You also can use Pexels videos for your websites.

Click here for Pexels

Final Thoughts – How to get free unique content to your blog

The point above mention definitely helps you to find blog contents. Use these tips and you will easily get free unique content to your blog.

So. these are some 7 tips how to get free unique content to your blog. Don’t hesitate while writing the blog research on our topic and by using the above-mentioned points create a blog post. I hope you like our article.

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