How to make Money with BlogSpot?

I know if you’re starting your blogging career there will be some question occurring in your mind that How to make money with Blogspot? Can I start blogging for free? or Can I make money without investing money?

Well never mind! We will clear your every doubts regarding How to make money with Blogspot? I would not say that you should not try to make money through Blogspot (Blogger) but still it is a little harder to earn money through Blogspot as compared to a proper Website (Domain + Hosting + WordPress). Still there are a lot of Blogspot websites that are earning a lot and If you’re interested in doing a lot of hard-work then just read the article till the end We will share a lot of knowledge and and single detail about Blogspot with you.

So let’s get started

How to make Money with BlogSpot?

Difference between and Custom Domain(.com)

What is Blogspot?

Blogspot(Blogger) is a blog publishing service that allows people around the world to write blog. All the blogs are hosted by google itself. Basically it’s used as a subdomain of Google and the Domain is written as and bloggers can also use a custom Domain like but to add a custom Domain you have to buy a custom Domain first.

Is BlogSpot (blogger) a free hosting?

Yes totally BlogSpot is a free hosting for your blogs but it will not provide you that much of functions as a premium hosting.

What is a Custom Domain?

Custom Domain is a Domain name like that you can buy or register for. It will not be associated with any company unlike which is eventually a sub-domain of Google.

Buying a Custom Domain

It is up-to you! Whether you want to add a custom Domain or you want to use the blogspot Domain. If you are willing to buy a Domain you can buy it from GoDaddy. Maybe you will confused that which domain name you should buy? Checkout Lean Domain Search or NameMesh these both will provide you a lot of Domain Names in your niche just pick one of them and get started.

Creating a Blogspot Websites

Choosing a profitable Niche – You have to select niche which have very good CPC rate. Finding Niche is very easy. I am providing you some Niche categories and after choosing one of them you have to find a micro niche or you can research these Niche that which of the Niches have good CPC rate your Region.

Top Niches with good AdSense CPC rate in U.S.

These CPC rates varies from region to region

  • Insurance – $17.55
  • Online Education – $12.08
  • Marketing & Advertising – $6.45
  • Legal averaging – $6.11
  • Internet & Telecom – $4.96
  • Home & Garden – $2.28
  • Automobile Dealership – $2.18
  • Beauty & Skincare – $1.86
  • Fitness & Health – $1.81
  • Real Estate – $1.4
  • Travel – $1.4
  • Fashion & Retails – $1.23
  • Electronics – $0.73

Websites that are making money with BlogSpot

You must be thinking that.. What if there isn’t any sites which is making money through BlogSpot. Don’t worry I found out is a site very famous for generating money from BlogSpot. It is hard to find as there are not many websites that are earning with as the people who are interested in blogging they always buy a custom domain to work professionally and properly.

How can I grow my blogging career Blogspot is safe or not?

Yes of course it is a safe platform as it is owned by Google itself. Well to be honest if you ask anybody about it people will say that you should start with a custom Domain. Yes it is true because blogspot will not provide you much features as a custom domain and hosting with WordPress installed in it.

There are a lot of features available on WordPress than it is in BlogSpot. But if you don’t have money to invest in blogging then Google has provided a simple and free platform for you on which you can post for free. Still if you gain a decent numbers of visitors you can just use Google AdSense in order to earn money.

How do you make money with blogs

Well there are a lot of ways to earn money through blogging. Let me just tell you one by one.

  • Google AdSense
    • Google AdSense is a advertising network on internet which is used to monetize your blog or website. As this is the most preferred method to earn money through blogs. Once you reach a certain amount on monthly basis you can directly apply to the Google AdSense. Once the AdSense account is approved you can just place ads on your blogs and earn every time when somebody clicks on it.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    • According to your niche you can just take products from their respective affiliate programs and just promote them on your blogs and earn money every time some one buys a product through your link. Just find a product which matches with your content and promote it in between your content or blog. Please remember that don’t promote any wrong products to anybody. provide genuine and good products review that particular product and then
    • There are a lot of affiliate programs and most of the big companies have their own affiliate networks.
      • ClickBank
      • JvZoo
      • MaxBounty
  • Paid Promotions
    • Paid promotions are not always available but if you have a decent number of followers or visitors on your blogs you can do paid promotions.

If I write blogs on Blogspot Com will it appear on Google and will it be eligible for payment?

Yes if you use for your blogs and manage to achieve a decent amount of Visitors. Then you can directly apply for the Google AdSense and once it gets approved you will start earning money.

How to make money by writing blogs in India

There are a lot of ways to earn money with writing blogs as there are too many freelancing sites that give opportunities to the content writers who are not interested in building their own site. If you don’t want to build a website you can work as a freelancer for people who want a content writer for their blogs or website. You can also create your own website and earn money through it by writing blogs.

Freelancing sites for content writing


How to rank my blogspot on Google

The only algorithm to rank on Google is to write blog constantly and update them as well. Firstly you have to write a long and detailed article or blog so that the visitors won’t go to other sites with doubts. Writing constantly will increase your domain score on Google and writing good and Seo friendly articles will help you to rank. You can use UberSuggest it is a free tool for keyword research and analysis.

How to delete a blog from blogger

if you want to delete a certain post then go to the posts section and put the cursor on the post there on the right side you will see some options one of them will be delete click on that delete button and your post will be deleted.

If you want to delete you whole blog then you should go in the settings section there you will find manage blog. In that section you’ll remove your blog option. Look below

Best Cheap Hosting and Domain Providers

When it comes to the best and cheap hosting providers there is only one name and that is Hostinger. Hostinger provides you an astounding performance and still cost cheaper that any other hosting providers. If you are a newbie blogger then you should go for Hostinger. I am recommending you Hostinger because i myself use it for myself. As in the starting days you should not go for and expensive hosting provider or you will end up wasting your money. 90% of people fail on their first site or blog.

It is the bitter truth that you cannot make your first site a big success. You’ll have to learn a lot in order to make your blogging career a success. So try out Hostinger as it will provide you the best service, great up-time, faster page loading speed and 24/7 Support etc. As of in this cost you cannot find any better alternative for Hostinger. Even the successful bloggers use this hosting for their new blogs or websites and after the blog starts getting a lot of traffic they shift to some other bigger hosting.

How Web Hosting help in planning online business?

If you are planning of an online business like and e-commerce site then Hosting plays a major role because you cannot use BlogSpot’s (blogger) hosting for an e-commerce store. Free Hosting can never handle a head loads of traffic even the shared hosting will not be able to handle a lot of traffic. If you have a lot of clients and a lot of traffic that you want to drive to your e-com store then you should buy a premium hosting so that your website will work properly.

Is the hosting on blogger free of cost?

Yes of course it is free of cost and Blogger won’t charge anything from you but you will have to use the Subdomain of

Monetize blog without AdSense

There are plenty of alternatives of Google Adsense So let me just show you them One by One

Best Blogging Apps for Bloggers

Best Blogging Apps to make your blogging journey easy and fun using your smartphones

Get Google AdSense Approval

Due to google strict rules some people fail to get AdSense approval

How to make Money with BlogSpot?

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