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Steelmate: Enhancing Motorcycle Safety with TPMS Systems

Steel Mate, a renowned provider of automotive safety electronics solutions that has been committed to ensuring safer and more convenient driving experiences for the public since its establishment in 1993. With their substantial research and development capabilities, Steelmate has obtained numerous patents and become an accredited national High Technology Enterprise (HNTE) and provincial-level Engineering Technology R&D Center.

Motorcycle TPMS Systems: Ensuring Optimal Tire Pressure

Steelmate is proud to offer cutting-edge Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) specifically designed for motorcycles. TPMS is an electronic system that continuously monitors the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires and provides real-time tire pressure information to the rider, enhancing safety and overall riding performance.

Advantages of Motorcycle TPMS Systems:

  1. Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring: Steelmate’s Motorcycle TPMS Systems provide riders with accurate and real-time tire pressure information, ensuring that they are always aware of their tire’s condition. This helps prevent underinflation or overinflation, which can lead to reduced traction, decreased fuel efficiency, and increased risk of accidents.
  2. Enhanced Riding Performance: By maintaining optimal tire pressure, Steelmate’s Motorcycle TPMS Systems contribute to improved handling, stability, and control. Riders can confidently navigate various terrains, curves, and obstacles, allowing for a more enjoyable and safe riding experience.
  3. Solar-Powered Display: The P-S11, one of Steelmate’s flagship TPMS products, features a solar-powered display with an alloy frame design. This innovative approach ensures continuous power supply while adding a touch of elegance to the motorcycle’s aesthetics.
  4. Professional Internal Sensors: Designed to match with four professional internal sensors, Steelmate’s TPMS Systems ensure precise tire pressure measurements. This allows riders to monitor the pressure of each tire individually, enabling them to take proactive actions if any abnormalities are detected.
  5. Smart Auto Adjust Backlit Brightness: Steelmate’s Motorcycle TPMS Systems feature a smart auto-adjust backlit brightness function. The display automatically adjusts its brightness based on the intensity of sunlight, ensuring optimal visibility for the rider.

Partner with Steelmate for Motorcycle Safety

Steelmate has earned a reputation as a trusted partner to leading motorcycle manufacturers and aftermarket customers both domestically and abroad. With their globally recognized expertise and experience, businesses can rely on Steelmate to provide reliable and advanced TPMS solutions tailored to the unique needs of motorcycles.


Steelmate’s Motorcycle TPMS Systems offer riders unparalleled safety and performance benefits by providing real-time tire pressure information and maintaining optimal tire conditions. With their innovative features, such as solar-powered displays and smart auto-adjust backlit brightness, Steelmate ensures effortless integration and enhanced riding experiences. Partner with Steelmate for state-of-the-art motorcycle TPMS systems and embrace a safer, more enjoyable ride.

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