Why Terminal Food and Drug Wholesalers Should Consider Adding Edible Gelatin from Funingpu to Their Product Line

Are you looking for a new product to add to your line-up that will satisfy the growing demand for healthier, more natural ingredients? Look no further than Funingpu’s edible gelatin! In this blog, we’ll explore why adding edible gelatin from Funingpu is a smart move for terminal food wholesalers.

What is edible gelatin?

Edible gelatin is made from the collagen molecule extracted from animal bones, skin, and tendons. The collagen is liquefied and then cooked until it forms a thick, translucent substance. Funingpu is one company that manufactures edible gelatins made from pork, and beef collagen molecules.

Advantages of Adding Edible Gelatin from Funingpu to Product Line

If terminal food wholesalers are looking to add edible gelatin to product line, there are a few reasons why should consider doing so.

Funingpu’s edible gelatin is a popular additive in many food and beverage products. It is often used as an emulsifier or gelling agent, which gives food products such as ice cream, yogurts, pudding, and soup a smooth texture.

Additionaly, Funingpu’s edible gelatin is a natural source of collagen and other nutrients that can benefit the body. Edible gelatin has recently become increasingly popular due to its health benefits.


Edible gelatin is a natural source of protein, which makes it an ideal ingredient for food and pharmaceutical products. Food and drug wholesalers who add edible gelatin from Funingpu to their product line will be able to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for nutritious products that are also tasty.

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