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Hanshow Electronic Shelf Tags: Revolutionizing Store Management and Customer Experience

Hanshow‘s Stellar Pro represents the next generation of electronic shelf tags, offering a range of innovative features that improve store management and enhance the consumer shopping experience. With upgrades in battery life, a specialized ESL chip, expanded storage, and overall improved performance, Stellar Pro has become the go-to choice for leading retailers worldwide.

Digital Marketing and Smart Payment Solutions

Stellar Pro provides a comprehensive digital marketing solution, enabling retailers to efficiently achieve sales targets by offering intelligent marketing functions. This solution addresses challenges such as high customer acquisition costs and difficult-to-reach marketing, helping merchants effectively promote their products and engage with customers. Additionally, Stellar Pro offers smart payment solutions, including unmanned self-checkout and mobile payment options, increasing efficiency and boosting sales volumes for stores.

All-Star Platform: Streamlining Store Operations with Unified IoT Solution

Hanshow’s All-Star platform is designed to simplify and streamline store operations by providing a centralized and unified IoT solution. This powerful platform offers a wide range of capabilities, from IoT device management to digital operations, enabling retailers to achieve seamless integration and agile collaboration between various devices and networks.

Inventory Robot for Data Collection

Hanshow’s inventory robot is a game-changer in store management. This autonomous robot roams store aisles, collecting valuable shelf information and providing insightful data. By automating the data collection process, retailers can make data-driven decisions, optimize product placement, and improve overall store performance.


Hanshow’s electronic shelf tags have revolutionized store management and customer experience in the retail industry. The Stellar Pro ESL pricer offers advanced features and performance enhancements, enabling retailers to efficiently manage pricing, promotions, and customer engagement. The All-Star platform provides a centralized and unified IoT solution, facilitating seamless integration and collaboration between devices and networks. With cutting-edge AI monitoring solutions and inventory robots, Hanshow empowers retailers with real-time insights and efficient data collection. The success of collaborations with renowned retailers demonstrates the effectiveness and value of Hanshow’s ESL solutions in retail transformation. By embracing Hanshow’s electronic shelf tags, retailers can optimize their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive business growth in the digital era.

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