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Union Metal Sanitary Fittings: Versatile Applications and Key Advantages

Are you in need of reliable and high-quality sanitary fittings? Look no further than Union Metal, a trusted manufacturer that offers a wide range of sanitary fittings designed to meet various industry needs. Let’s explore the versatile applications and key advantages of Union Metal’s DIN11851 female end fittings.

Wide Range of Applications

Union Metal sanitary fittings, manufactured based on DIN11850/11851, SMS1145, 3A, and RJT standards, find extensive applications across multiple industries. These fittings serve as essential components in various sectors, including:

Food and Beverage Industry: Sanitary fittings play a crucial role in ensuring hygiene and compliance in food and beverage production processes. They are widely used in the manufacturing of drinks, milk, and beer, where maintaining sanitary conditions is of utmost importance.

Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry: In the bio-pharmaceutical sector, Union Metal sanitary fittings are an integral part of pharmaceutical factories and other occasions where hygiene and sanitary standards are critical.

Cosmetics and Daily Necessities Industry: The manufacture of cosmetics and daily necessities also relies on sanitary fittings to uphold hygiene and safety standards. Union Metal’s fittings provide the necessary assurance of quality and sanitary compliance.

Key Advantages of DIN11851 Female End Fittings

Union Metal’s DIN11851 female end sanitary fittings offer several significant advantages that make them the ideal choice for various industries:

Corrosion Resistance: These fittings are constructed from high-quality stainless steel 316 and 304, ensuring exceptional corrosion resistance. They can withstand harsh environments and maintain their durability and longevity over time.

Excellent Mechanical Polish and Easy Connect/Disconnect: Union Metal’s DIN11851 female end fittings feature excellent mechanical polish, resulting in a smooth and polished surface. This facilitates easy connection and disconnection, saving time and effort during installation and maintenance processes.

Sanitary Standards Compliance: The fittings meet the stringent sanitary standards, guaranteeing their suitability for critical applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. They contribute to maintaining a hygienic environment and ensuring product integrity.


Choose Union Metal for your sanitary fitting needs and experience the versatility, durability, and sanitary compliance offered by their DIN11851 female end fittings. Contact them today to learn more about their products and how they can meet your specific requirements.

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