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Exploring Hanshow’s ESL Solution for Smart Trolleys

In the realm of retail, the unassuming shopping cart is emerging as a pivotal focal point for optimizing both retailer operations and the customer shopping experience. Hanshow‘s ESL solution brings innovation to this familiar element, transforming it into a smart trolley that goes beyond its traditional role. Let’s delve into the benefits of this ESL solution and how it is reshaping the dynamics of retail operations.

Loss Prevention

Embedded with a built-in scale in the cart’s base, Hanshow’s smart trolley takes a proactive stance on loss prevention. This innovative feature detects instances where items have not been scanned or do not match the scanned product or quantity. In such cases, a red signal light flashes on the cart, immediately alerting both the customer and store staff. This ensures swift action, minimizing the chances of loss and enhancing overall security for retailers.

Store Membership Promotion

The smart trolley doesn’t just stop at loss prevention; it also serves as a platform for promoting store membership. With its integrated screen, retailers can directly engage customers with targeted promotions for store memberships. This creates an opportunity to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat visits. The convenience of promoting memberships through the smart trolley’s screen adds a layer of accessibility for customers, making the process seamless and efficient.


Hanshow’s ESL solution transforms the humble shopping cart into a sophisticated tool that brings tangible benefits to retailers. By addressing crucial aspects like loss prevention through innovative features like the built-in scale, and providing a direct channel for store membership promotions, the smart trolley becomes more than just a means of transporting items. It becomes a strategic asset in enhancing the efficiency of retail operations and fostering customer engagement. As retailers continue to seek practical solutions for operational challenges, Hanshow’s ESL solution for smart trolleys stands out as a pragmatic and effective choice.

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