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Ikinor – A Smart Blackboard Manufacturer Revolutionizes Education

As a frontrunner in interactive flat panels, Ikinor introduces its cutting-edge smart blackboard. Tailor-made for modern classrooms, this new generation of interactive blackboard seamlessly integrates traditional writing surfaces with advanced technology. It boasts two writing boards on the sides and a responsive touch screen display in the center. With the ability to record hand-written content from the side blackboards onto the central display, Ikinor as an innovative smart blackboard manufacturer elevates classroom presentations to new heights.

Ikinor - A Smart Blackboard Manufacturer Revolutionizes Education

A Dynamic and Engaging Learning Environment

Ikinor’s Recordable Smart Blackboard is a revolutionary tool for collaborative learning in smart education. By combining the functionalities of traditional and electronic blackboards, educators can seamlessly transition between interactive presentations and analog writing. This fosters a dynamic and engaging learning environment where students actively participate in discussions and presentations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Cutting-Edge Nano Touch Technology for Enhanced Interactivity

With advanced Nano Touch Technology, Ikinor’s Smart Blackboard supports an impressive 20 touch points. This means students can use their fingers, capacitive pens, or chalk to interact with the display effortlessly. The highly responsive touch interface allows for intuitive navigation and ensures smooth interactions during lessons. Ikinor’s Smart Blackboard is a versatile tool that encourages creativity and collaboration among students.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solutions

Ikinor’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase. Its modular design enables straightforward after-sales maintenance, minimizing downtime and reducing costs. Additionally, the All-In-One Recordable Smart Blackboard is packaged in a single unit, ensuring easy installation and delivery. This seamless process enables educational institutions to optimize their resources and focus on creating enriching learning experiences.

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