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Polymer Modifiers: Enhancing Performance and Versatility

Looking to improve the performance and versatility of your polymer materials? Look no further than polymer modifiers. These additives play a crucial role in enhancing the properties of polymers, making them suitable for various applications. Let’s dive into the world of polymer modifiers and discover their principles.

ISO9001 Certificated and High-Tech Enterprise

Shine Polymer is an ISO9001 certificated and high-tech enterprise that specializes in producing top-quality polymer modifiers. Their products find wide applications in plastics, rubber, electronic chemicals, and more. With their commitment to excellence, Shine Polymer ensures that their customers receive only the best.

Market Promotion

The market promotion of Shine Polymer‘s products has been remarkable. Their innovative solutions have gained recognition worldwide, leading to increased demand from industries seeking improved material performance.

Export Country

Shine Polymer exports its premium polymer modifiers to numerous countries across the globe. From North America to Europe, Asia to Australia, their reach knows no bounds as they cater to diverse markets with exceptional quality products.

Coverage of Product

The coverage of Shine Polymer’s product range is extensive. They offer a wide selection of polymer modifiers designed for different types of polymers such as PVC, PE, PP, ABS, etc., ensuring that every customer finds a solution tailored specifically for their needs.


A testament to Shine Polymer’s success lies in its impressive customer base. Their clientele includes major players from various industries like automotive manufacturing companies, electronics manufacturers, plastic processors – all relying on Shine Polymer’s expertise for enhanced material performance.


Electronic Appliances

Shinepoly® ASA, one of Shine Polymer’s flagship products, finds extensive use in electronic appliances. Its high gloss and excellent colorability make it an ideal choice for applications such as electrical/electronic components, business machines, and more.

Extrusion Process Additives

Polymer modifiers are also widely used as extrusion process additives. They improve the melt flow properties of polymers during extrusion processes, resulting in enhanced productivity and better product quality.


In the automotive industry, Shinepoly® ASA is highly recommended for use in high gloss PC/ASA, PMMA/ASA blends. It offers a good balance of physical properties and colorability – crucial factors for painted automotive applications where aesthetics matter.


In the world of polymer additive manufacturing, where precision and resilience are paramount,

The Versatility of Polymer Modifiers

Polymer modifiers offer endless possibilities when it comes to enhancing material performance. Whether you’re looking to improve impact resistance or achieve specific surface characteristics like glossiness or weatherability, these additives have got you covered.

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