Betting guideNew88 Perfect soccer betting in 5 minutes

Betting guideNew88 is something football bettors are always interested in because this website is always in the top of the most prestigious bookmakers in Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. To build the current reputation,New88 has invested a huge amount of money, trained professional staff and listened to customer needs to constantly improve service quality. The following article will instruct New88 odds Extremely accurate, if you are a fan of soccer betting, you definitely should not ignore the following information.
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Top quality New88 bookmaker

Before New88 betting guide, please join us to learn a few things about Bookmaker New88 – the game website is known as the most prestigious in Vietnam. New88 belongs to M.A.N Entertainment group, which is known as the “big guy” in the betting industry headquartered in Manila (Philippines). All New88 employees are well-trained and professional with the principle of putting customer satisfaction first.

Unlike other bookmakers that have appeared on the market, New88 is licensed to operate legal bets from the Isle of Man & Cagayan Economic Zone and Free Port and is supervised and protected by the Philippine government. In addition, New88 is also certified by the International Online Betting Association and GEO TRUST organization as an absolutely safe and secure website.

All games and games online atNew88 are fully certified and licensed to operate. Players can safely participate without fear of cheating or having their results altered.

Instructions for effective New88 betting

For those of you who are passionate about soccer betting Betting guideNew88 is something that cannot be ignored. With many years of experience in betting and the ability to grasp information keenly, New88’s team of experts has drawn up the following effective betting experiences:

New88 betting guide – Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is one of the most popular bets in the sport. With diverse odds and betting forms, players can freely choose any bet they like and understand to participate in money betting.

New88 betting guide said that in order to be able to predict Asian odds well, you must calculate carefully as well as regularly and fully monitor the matches. This helps you have all the necessary information and be more confident when betting.

In case you don’t have much experience, divide the bet amount into smaller pieces. Another point to note is that you can bet according to the majority to be more sure of winning. However, football is a subject with countless surprises, so sometimes following the majority is not necessarily right. So you need to believe in your own decisions and keep your mentality.

Guide to betting on New88 – European Odds

European Handicap in Betting guideNew88 Very different from Asian handicap. You do not need to care about the number of goals scored by the two teams but can only bet on 3 bets including: Win, Loss and Draw.

If the match result matches the prediction, you will win. The bonus amount will correspond to the odds that the bookmaker initially stipulates. This type of bet is considered to have few options but has a higher winning rate than Asian odds.
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New88 betting guide – Over/Under betting

This is a form of betting in which you do not need to pay attention to which team wins or loses, but only need to predict the total number of goals scored by the two teams after 90 minutes of official play.

To easily “win money” in over/under bets, you must carefully research the team, as well as the form and scoring ability of each player.

Betting guideNew88 What is the benefit?

As Asia’s leading reputable bookmaker,New88 always want to bring players the best experience. When betting here, you will receive special offers such as:

  • New88 has been proven to be the leading bookmaker in terms of reputation. So you can feel absolutely secure when betting here.
  • New88 is always at the forefront of technology trends, diligently researching and updating the most convenient features for players to experience.
  • Deposit and withdrawal transactions take place extremely quickly. Just a few minutes after winning the game, the money will be in your bank account.
  • The betting odds are attractive, so many people change their lives when playing games here.
  • The customer consulting team operates 24/7 and has undergone professional training, ready to answer customers at any time.


Above is the article Betting guideNew88, NEW88 sports Hope you have gained useful information to be more confident when placing bets. Wishing all of you who are passionate about soccer betting to have a lot of luck and soon become tycoons.

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