Instructions on How to Play  New88 Online Fish Shooting Game for High Rewards

 New88 fish shooting is a game that requires flexible skills from participants. Set up the correct strategy in each level. In addition, this is also a genre full of fun, easy to play with high reward rates. Therefore, this location is gradually becoming the focus of attention in the entertainment market.

What is  New88 Fish Shooting Game? Why is fish shooting so popular?

If you have ever experienced it in the lobby New88 fish shooting, it can be seen that this category possesses many unique advantages over entertainment venues. Both safe and reputable when in hand because of full legal operating license. On the other hand, there is also a store of extremely special and unique games here.

Each hall shoots fish at New88today will bring unique and attractive stories to participants. It will definitely make you go from one surprise to another. Therefore, it also limits the boredom of experiencing the same game genre for players.

There are many different playgrounds on the market but  New88 is always chosen the most because:

  • The form of participation is not too complicated, easy to play and brings moments of complete entertainment and relaxation.
  • The game is designed meticulously in terms of graphics, creating a realistic feeling and attracting users.
  • Brings in a decent source of income for fishermen, supports extremely attractive 1:1 rewards.

The advantages of participating in  New88 fish shooting are highly appreciated

Compared to traditional games, online rewards receive many positive reviews from users. Some outstanding reviews at this ideal stop  New88 that you need to know are:

Play games easily

The advantage that makes many people choose to participate in fish shooting here is probably because it is easy to play and easy to make money. Therefore, it attracts almost all audiences. At the same time, it also provides specific instructions for each specific game room. It can be seen that the house is quite sophisticated in this matter, especially bringing many benefits to new fishermen.

Vivid and beautiful graphics

In order to bring the best sensory experience to bettors, online bookmakers invest heavily in graphics. With sharp 3D images combined with harmonious color combinations, creating a vivid ocean scene. At the same time, there is an extremely lively sound system of ocean waves, gun shooting, and net collecting. It all adds to the authenticity like the fishermen are actually hunting fish.

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How to play  New88 fish shooting game for beginners

If you are a new fisherman still learning about this game, you must carefully understand the following instructions.

Aim and shoot as soon as the fish appear at  New88

When the game starts first, there will usually be a group of fish with low coefficients that swim out first. Many fish hunters often ignore them because they feel they are not worth the money and don’t want to waste bullets. However, this is a wrong thinking of most new players. Because the coefficient is low, those fish only need to shoot to be sure to hit. Therefore, these top schools of fish should definitely be overlooked.

Tactics to change weapons, increase ammo

Increase ammo when necessary. Increasing ammo means more shots but more power. When you need to shoot a boss or a big fish, don’t hesitate to upgrade your gun and ammunition to increase your win rate!

In particular, during the game table, the system will often randomly drop many powerful weapons such as cannons, nets, bombs, etc. Players need to consider using them at the right time to bring the highest efficiency in the game lobby. New88 fish shooting.

Group shooting gameplay

Playing in groups will give you the advantage of shooting one shot and being able to capture a whole net of many fish at the same time. When choosing New88 fish shooting In groups, you should shoot in the center of the school of fish to get the most fish.

Only shoot large  New88 fish when you have enough bullets

To increase the difficulty of the game, the publisher has created swimming paths for diverse types of fish. Especially rare fish, dragons or mermaids will often swim in a “sink” manner. That is, hiding under schools of other small fish.

Although the score of this type of fish is very high, bettors must consider carefully before shooting. To avoid the risk of shooting all the bullets but not being able to eat the fish, wasting bullets.


Through this article, you must know clearly why the game New88 fish shooting loved like that. If you are also excited about this game, please register to participate and apply the methods we share.

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