Instructions on how to play soccer betting extremely accurately for bettors

Soccer betting is a form of betting on soccer results according to the odds offered by the house. Soccer betting is divided into types of odds such as: over/under odds, Asian odds, European odds, etc. With just a smartphone, you can follow top matches and bet on teams. Choose your favorites easily. With New88vinet Refer to the following article to understand the most accurate way to play soccer betting.

Introducing online soccer betting

Surely you already understand what soccer betting is. As for online soccer betting – this is a form of betting adapted from traditional betting. However, instead of having to go directly to overseas casinos, you can sit at home and bet easily. The outstanding advantages that online soccer betting possesses are:

  • Bet a variety of amounts from a few tens of thousands of dong to tens or even hundreds of millions of dong.
  • You can find your favorite football matches in just a few seconds of searching. With online soccer betting, there is no match that is missing.
  • Diverse bets for you to choose from.
  • All you need is a smart device to comfortably access top game portals to participate in soccer betting.
  • The visibility of the matches is extremely sharp and smooth. You can observe the match as if you were watching it live on the field.

Instructions on how to play soccer betting from a to z

Soccer betting includes a variety of different types of bets such as: European odds, Asian odds, over/under odds, extra time odds, full match odds, half match odds, etc. Among them, there are two bets that can be bet on. The bookmakers’ favorite bets are Asian odds and European odds. Please refer to the instructions for participating in soccer betting with these two famous bets.

How to play soccer betting in Asian handicap

Asian Handicap often operates in the form of the upper team handicapping the lower team. The number of goals that the upper team needs to overcome the lower team usually ranges from 0.25 goals to N goals. Players participating in this bet need to carefully calculate the abilities of the two teams, whether they are equal or not. When the match ends, you need to compare the total number of goals of the two teams to compare with the original odds. From there, know which side wins money and which side loses money.

How to play soccer betting in European odds

For European odds, you only need to bet on one of the 3 bets: Win – Lose – Draw. If you participate in matches where the two teams have a clear talent gap, then the payout rate will be low. On the contrary, the payout ratio will be very high when applied to bets where the two teams are balanced in strength.


Instructions on how to participate in soccer betting at online bookmakers

Playing soccer bets at bookmakers will no longer be difficult if you follow all the following steps:

Step 1: Choose a reputable bookmaker to join

Before thinking about soccer betting, learn the standards to evaluate a reputable bookmaker. Then join that house’s sports lobby by registering a gaming account. With just a smartphone, you can easily find information about reputable bookmakers online. There, you avoid the risk of losing money or having your account stolen.

Step 2: Register an account

Depending on each bookmaker, they will have different requirements for providing information. But most of the time you need to prepare information such as: full name, ID number, phone number, age, email, etc. Remember to fill in accurate information to avoid taking other people’s information to register. The bookmakers will block you and not let you withdraw money to your account.

Step 3: Need to own one or more bank accounts

Playing soccer betting online requires you to own a bank account to transact with the house. Almost every house will ask for this. You can use domestic or international payment cards.

Before linking your bank card to the dealer, remember to check the required information from the dealer and the bank to see if these terms are appropriate or not. In particular, there are some bookmakers that only link with certain banks, so using banks that are not on the bookmaker’s linked list is a difficult problem. At this point, you should find another dealer to join.

When you own a bank account linked to the house, you can pay in the following ways:

  • Transfer money to the dealer at the ATM
  • Pay at the dealer’s counter
  • Use Internet Banking, Zalo Pay, Momo, …


So the above article has summarized the basic knowledge about how to play soccer betting for you guys. Hopefully it will be useful for you when entering online bookies.

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